Only the best for your best friend

Trikos knows that the health of your dog is important to you, so that’s why we have created a formula for freeze dried dog treats/food that is made with no fillers, just real, nutritious ingredients. You never have to worry about what you are feeding your canine companion again. Besides, the greatest dogs in the world deserve the greatest dietary options.

Freeze Dried Dog Training Treats


Freeze Dried Dog Patties


Healthy Treat

Dog Training Treats Useful for Training or a Special Snack

Trikos Freeze Dried Dog Training Treats can be used as a treat fed one at a time. This could be in a training session as a positive reinforcement reward or just any time you want to give your canine friend an extra snack.

Complete Meal

Replace Your Usual Kibble

Trikos Treats & Patties are nutrient packed so you can ditch your old dog food and replace meals with any of our freeze dried dog food products. No grains or fillers means you can feed your dog with confidence knowing they’re getting everything they need for a healthier lifestyle. Either use as is or reconstitute into a wet food using warm water