Team Dog Actual
Become a Dog Trainer

Former Navy SEAL & K9 Trainer offers his 20 years of extensive experience, knowledge, and opportunity to join his team as a Team Dog Trainer.

Team Dog Actual
Become a Dog Trainer

Former Navy SEAL & K9 Trainer offers his 20 years of extensive experience, knowledge, and opportunity to join his team as a Team Dog Trainer.

Our Objective

We are a team of professional dog trainers that are revolutionizing the way society communicates and build relationships with dogs. Team Dog Actual Training is a learning environment that is perfect for current and hopeful dog trainers who are looking for training methods that are fresh and create lasting change. It doesn’t matter where you are at in your career – whether you are just starting in dog training, or an experienced trainer looking to grow your business, we offer programs that are customized to fit your needs. Our programs are hands on with actual clients’ dogs and one of our accomplished Team Dog Actual trainers.

Because we have a proven model that works for all dogs, all owners, and all behavior problems, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of breeds that present various behavioral issues. This experience will prove invaluable to your training since it will give you a wider breadth of knowledge when dealing with different dogs and owners.

Team Dog Actual Training is a global brand whose methods has proven scientific backing to provide significant results. The focus is on the foundation of the relationship between the dog owner and the dog, which makes us unique amongst our competitors whose focus sometimes lies specifically with just the dog. Our goal is to move away from outdated training methods that don’t provide long term benefits and keep our efforts centered on training the dog and the human to work together as one to bring peace and harmony back into the home.

Our trainers go through rigorous educational programs that fully prepare them to deliver this type of effective training. They understand the importance of the foundation of our business and are committed to this process in order to get real results that last.

Introduction Training Program

This is the prerequisite program for all other programs offered for Team Dog Actual. If the student is able to provide proof of completion for another reputable training school, then they could potentially opt out of this course. This program involves 1 week of instruction which includes hands on training with actual client dogs, our staff dogs, and the student’s own dog.

Our introduction program will detail the fundamentals of balanced dog training to include:

  • Classical and Operant Conditioning / Quadrants
  • Marker Training
  • Obedience training (luring, free shaping, spacial pressure, leash pressure)
  • Relationship, motivation, and engagement development
  • Training tools
  • Management and safety strategies

Proper Use of Prong and Remote Collars

Many trainers tend to use tools as punishment devices during their training. This program introduces you to balanced training that combines low-level e-collar training and proper prong usage so you can fully understand the purpose of the tools and the best introduction into a training system. The training systems could be rewards based or a behavior modification program. The student will be hands on with actual client dogs.

Behavior Modification Program

This is the most advanced program and focuses on Team Dog Actual’s holistic approach to training. The student will receive hands-on experience with our client dogs, staff dogs, and their own personal dogs to practice dealing with mild to severe behavior issues.

This program will cover the various types of aggression:

  • Dominance
  • Human Aggression
  • Resource Guarding
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Fear based behavior issues
  • Fear Biters
  • Territorial
  • Prey
  • Multidimensional aggression

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