Team Dog Actual
Local Help for Your Dog

Team Dog Actual’s mission is to revolutionize the way you live and communicate with your dog.

Team Dog Actual
Local Help for Your Dog

Team Dog Actual’s mission is to revolutionize the way you live and communicate with your dog.

Our Objective

Team Dog Actual’s mission is to revolutionize the way you live and communicate with your dog. We provide dog training that focuses on how you interact with your dog and equip you with the tools needed to build a bond and relationship that goes beyond simple commands and outdated training methods. Our high-quality trainers create a comprehensive training plan that includes everything your dog needs to be successful – a solid foundation for a relationship built on trust, coupled with proper nutrition, physical and mental stimulation, a positive and conducive learning environment and consistent training.

Our goal is to use the same training principles used to train the most elite working dogs and
simplify those principles so you can unleash your dog’s potential while simultaneously
alleviating your anxiety and building your confidence. As your dog improves, once we address any and all behavioral issues, you will also notice your fear, anxiety and stress start to quickly diminish. We want to bring that type of peace and ease to every household and create a strong bond between dogs and companions that encourages both of them to live at their full potential.

Team Dog Actual Training is unique in that it follows the training methods of the highly skilled and experienced owner, Mike Ritland (former Navy SEAL, former Naval Special Warfare, Multi-Purpose Canine (MPC) Trainer for the West Coast Seal Team, NY Times Bestselling Author, and Speaker). Mike spent over 15 years breeding, training, and raising dogs in a host of working capacities and environments. All Team Dog Actual trainers are able to use the knowledge of his extensive dog training experience, passion for building the dog /owner relationship, and his revolutionary approach to provide value and results to our clients.

We work with all dogs presenting any range of behavior problems and empower all dog owners to resolve challenges in a real-world setting. Our trainers deliver the best training because we believe that we owe it to our dogs to give them the best because that is what they give us and so much more. So, if you and your dog are ready to experience the revolutionary change, we are ready to start.

All Dogs, All Owners, All Behavior Problems – We Have All the Help You Need Entrusting your dog into the hands of another individual can be difficult, especially if you are unsure of their qualifications and ability. At Team Dog Actual, our trainers go through a rigorous program that ensures they are well-equipped to educate both the dog and the dog owner. The methods they are taught are used at the highest level of dog training and have been implemented all across the globe. We hand pick each of our trainers and are confident in their ability to transform your dog which in turn, will transform your life.

Frontline level guidance
expert guidance. expert results.

Who is Mike Ritland?

Mike Ritland served 12 years as a Navy SEAL. He saw action in Operation Iraqi Freedom and numerous special operations missions during his career. He later served as Naval Special Warfare Multi-Purpose Canine (MPC) Trainer for the West Coast SEAL teams.

All of this experience prompted Mike Ritland to write three New York Times Best Selling books: Trident K9 Warriors, Navy SEAL Dogs and TEAM Dog.

Ritland also has been featured in numerous other publications such as the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, NYPOST, Men’s Journal, and more. Mike Ritland is not only an accomplished author and speaker, but he has been interviewed by dozens of media affiliates, including 60-Minutes, ABC, CBS, C-SPAN, Fox News, NBC, and PBS.


Our Pack is Loud



“My dog was choking on his food. Luckily, I had watched the CPR course and knew exactly what to do. Without Team Dog I could have lost my best friend today. Best purchase I have ever made! Thank you!”



“You have transformed the relationship I have with my dog and the relationship my dog has with me. There is nothing I can’t do with my boy Zeke and I owe it to Team Dog and Mike Ritland.”


New Hampshire

“My wife and I wanted to a way to be more active while also involving our dog. Team Dog got us off the couch and moving, while also building our bond with our dog!”