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Based on Mike Ritland’s bestselling book “Team Dog – How to train your dog the Navy SEAL Way” learn to fix problem behaviors, leash pulling, dog aggression, destructive behaviors. Watch over 800+ minutes of video, access live forums and get one-on-one help with Mike!

The Team Dog online training platform is a result of the many conversations Mike had with dog owners all over the country after writing the book. Former Navy SEAL and K9 trainer, Mike Ritland, wanted an affordable way for all dog owners to have video representations of the concepts he talks about in his book, and to be able to effectively communicate with their dogs to live a happy, well trained life.

Train your way to a better dog

Valuable Lessons

Do you just open the back door and let your dog run? WRONG. Your dog needs Team Dog. The right way is to open the door and join your dog. Take our videos with you into your yard.

Expert Guidance

Do you come home and avoid your dog because you just don’t know what to do with him/her? The answer, Engagement & Training.

Lifetime Bond

Buying a new puppy or adopting a dog? Next step is joining Team Dog. Bad or good behavior starts now. Team Dog will ensure that your dog starts off well.

Optimal Health

A better behaved dog will allow more opportunity for you to get out in the world and enjoy your best friend. Better mental & physical health for both, but it all begins with training.