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K9 CPR Online Course with Certification

What do you do when your dog’s heart stops beating? Or your dog stops breathing? We believe every dog owner should have these skills, and be able to apply them in the event of an emergency. Minutes matter in these cases! CPR can truly be a life-saving skill! Mike Ritland created this K9 CPR course with veterinary professionals to make sure these techniques are effective for YOUR breed of dog, and your certification video will be evaluated by a trained veterinary professional. Not only is it important to know what to do, but it’s crucial to know how to do it. Sign up today, your dog’s life may depend on it.


You’ll learn dog training skills that will last a lifetime

  • Dog-loving community
  • Live chats with Mike Ritland!
  • Questions and answers in our forums
  • Monthly in-depth lessons
  • Works great on your smartphone!

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Trikos Team Dog K9 CPR Course

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