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Team Dog online training community was started in an effort to bridge the gap in most people’s ability to both train and communicate with their dogs. Most dog owners mean well, but struggle in seeing the world through the dog’s eyes. Team Dog helps people set themselves up for success in all aspects of life with their dogs. It’s not just about training anymore than being fit and healthy is just about working out. Training is all encompassing, in that you have to manage all the intangibles that help you and your dog succeed. A solid foundation built on trust and relationship, coupled with proper nutrition, physical and mental stimulation, a positive and conducive learning environment, and consistent training.

It’s an all of the above method to really maximize your time you put in with your companion at home, and yes, you CAN do it. I believe we all owe it to our dogs to give them all we can, as they give us so much in return. The least we can do is give it our best, as they do the same for us.